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Why do I need a Medicare Supplement plan?

Why do I need Original Medicare AND a Medicare Supplement?

The short answer is: Medicare doesn't pay for everything.

Generally speaking, Medicare only pays 80% of all medically-approved services. That means the remaining 20% is your responsibility. That remaining 20% can add up to thousands and thousands of out-of-pocket medical expenses throughout your lifetime. A Medicare Supplement significantly reduces the portion of the medical bill that is your responsibility, sometimes even covering it entirely. There are plans available that will pay the entire remaining 20%; there are plans that will only cost you a small copay when you visit the doctor and/or hospital and there are plans that have a small deductible to meet before all medical expenses are covered.

Going without a Medicare Supplement can be a big risk. There are plans available to fit any and everyone. Benefits and premiums are vast. If you're not sure which plan is the right fit for you, let us know! Remember, all our advice and assistance is available at no cost to you. It does not cost you anything to use an insurance agent. We can take all the guessing out and help you feel comfortable that you have the right insurance. You have enough to worry about!

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