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Open Enrollment Birthday Rule (OR, CA, NE)

Do your monthly premiums keep getting more and more expensive?

Good news, you’re eligible to switch carriers during your California Open Enrollment Birthday Rule.

What is the California Open Enrollment Birthday Rule?

The birthday rule is the time frame that allows you to change your Medigap plan 30 days before and up to 60 days after. During this 90 day time period you can choose a new carrier and will automatically be approved without having to answer any health questions.

Any previous existing health conditions are not a factor when enrolling during this time frame.

What happens if I try to move carriers outside of my birthday window?

If you try to move to a different carrier outside the birthday window you will have to answer health questions, which means can be denied for any number of health reasons.

If I switch to a company that is cheaper than the one I'm with does that mean I have less coverage?

No a lower premium price does mean lesser coverage. The Medigap plans are standardized, no one company has better coverage than the other. Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N are going to have the same coverage no matter what carrier you use.

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