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Nevada Birthday Rule Update

Exciting update for our Nevada clients!

As of recently they have changed the insurance guidelines and allowed the birthday to now be used in this state. This gives our clients a huge opportunity to save money on their monthly insurance premiums.

What does the Birthday Rule Entail?

This means that 30 days before your birthday and up to 60 days after your birthday you are eligible to change your insurance carrier without having to answer any health questions.

Does less money mean less coverage?

You will be receiving the same product, just a potentially lesser rate. The Medicare supplement plans are standardized, which means you will get the same coverage no matter what company you go with.

We like to use the example of going to Chevron verses Costco for your fuel. You’re getting the same product at potentially a lesser rate.

Will my health conditions disqualify me for this opportunity?

Because it’s a guarantee issue any previous existing health conditions cannot be used against you during this switch. When the application is mailed to you from our office, you will be able to note that the health questions are axed out of the application and all that is required it your signatures.

Please contact our office for further information and assistance with potentially saving you money on your monthly premium.

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